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Professional Public Speaking

How do you find time to do it all? Where is your passion? What is your life goal?

          Each of us needs to find balance in our life with time to take care of our own inner peace, show gratitude, and give of ourselves. In these sessions, you will find a variety of ways to do just that. Each is customized to specific areas and times in life, depending on your current focus. 


          Packages are available to take one, two, or more workshops in person* or by interactive zoom (maximum zoom workshop size of 20 participants per session). Discounts available for groups of ten or more. 

            *Workshop to take place at client's public place of business or venue, within the Greater Akron, Ohio area on a mutually agreed upon date and time. Travel fee required outside area. In person sessions include informational guides and gifts.

Life Management Workshops

Each energetic, interactive workshop offers advice and tips for achieving balance in life, whether personally or professionally.  Workshops are 45 minutes in length, but can be adjusted to create longer or shorter sessions and customized to meet client needs. Audience participation is encouraged throughout the presentations, which includes humor and life experiences.




Achieving all the tasks on a daily schedule, while finding time to relax and enjoy life, topics include:


                          Showing kindness in business to successfully manage a team

                          Effectively delegating responsibilities at the office and at home

                         Adding unexpected life situations to your calendar

                         Time saving tips for special occasions including milestone events, holidays, and vacation planning




Achieving satisfaction by giving to others with an already over-booked schedule, topics include:


                         Determining why and where to look for volunteering opportunities


                         How to get started


                         Determine your best fit for yourself and others






Achieving relationship balance, with an emphasis on networking and building a client base, topics include:


                        Showing kindness in business to successfully build relationships

                        Networking within and outside the office with positive results


                        Effectively growing and retaining a client base




Achieving a spiritual balance during overly scheduled lives throughout the year, topics include:


                          Finding your roots through personal history


                          Listening to inner strengths and messages

                          Learning to say no

                          Giving vs. Receiving rewards





Achieving peace at home and work during the seasons when so many events are added to our calendars, topics include:


                        Maintaining order at home while at the office 


                        Delegating responsibilities, at home and the office


                        Enjoying extra activities and special occasions stress-free




Achieving an economical, stress-free holiday season, topics include:


                        Suggestions for setting buying limits and affordable gifts

                        Best gift buying resources and prices year-round

                        Gift wrapping and giving with ease

                        Scheduling time for you to enjoy


Achieving a lifetime dream with easy to follow steps for writing your own personal story, topics include:

                        Why your story is important to tell

                        Basic steps for getting started utilizing your own voice

                        Determining your personal focus and theme

                        All the necessary details beyond your story 

                        Choosing a publisher and marketing choices


Achieving a smooth process to a successful special event, while remaining stress-free, topics include:

                         Determining event type, theme, and mission

                         Setting a budget and timeline

                         Creating a sponsor package and target list

                         Deciding vendor and supply needs

                         How to assemble a group of helpful volunteers




Achieving gratitude through this faith based lesson in learning to listen, topics include:

                         How to hear what’s important in an overly loud world

                         Steps to gratitude and finding peace through journaling

                         Why giving to others blesses you

                         The true power of prayer

Kind Words

"We were very privileged to have Debbie present her "Rockin' Relationships" program to our September workshop for the Akron Canton SMEI affiliate. She had our Sales and Marketing professionals engaged and enthralled. Highly recommend Debbie as a SUPERFANTASTIC speaker!"

Thomas Schmidt, Sales & Marketing Executives International, Canton, Ohio



“Really appreciated you sharing your story at the Love Akron Awards Breakfast. What an amazing life of triumph and faithfulness to God. I truly love your heart and spirit.”

Justin Everett Hilton1.CS+E, Motivational Speaker, Kent, Ohio

“A huge thank you to this month's presenter, Debbie McKinney, owner of Time to Spare LLC. She did a fantastic job! Debbie shared some fabulous information on how to be kind in business, and anyone who's worked with her can vouch for the fact that she is the epitome of a caring business professional.”

Heather Taylor, Greater Akron Business for Breakfast, Akron, Ohio

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