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How Do You Enjoy Life 

with Time To Spare ?

"I do what works for me."

How do you do it all? All of what?  It's just life!

        Time To Spare, LLC will help you learn how to do it all through inspirational presentations, special events management, and reading our best selling stories. Throughout the years, Time To Spare continues to assist you in making lasting impressions, while providing you time to enjoy life! 

Our Specialties

       "Life is always surprising. Sometimes the things you think are going to happen don't happen at all. Sometimes the things you think will never happen do. And sometimes miracles happen."                                                     - One Thing At A Time

“Really appreciated you sharing your story at the Connect Breakfast. What an amazing life of triumph and faithfulness to God. I truly love your heart and spirit.”

Justin Everett Hilton,
President, Leadership Akron

“Your depth of experience and attention to detail provided us the assurance that our event was going to be a memorable evening. You planned and managed our event with ease, leaving us peace of mind.”

Christy Page, CFO,  International Association of Better Business Bureaus

“Nobody could put "One Thing At A Time" down! We all read ahead because we wanted to see what happened next! One thing we all agreed was that in the black community, while we always want to give, we are not good at asking for help. You taught us that we should be more open to doing so. ”

Jill Galloway, Royal Missionary Baptist Church Ladies' Bible Study, N. Charleston, SC

“Whether simple or elaborate, there's a unique way for each of us to find order, while enjoying life."

Akron Life magazine,
Baker Media Group

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