Inspirational Stories

Two time best selling Author Deborah McVay-McKinney (now McVay-Williams) offers two amazing stories:  One of finding peace in chaos, and one of finding faith in the darkest of times.

Both novels are highly rated on Amazon, and make the perfect gift

for anyone looking for organizational tools, or to revisit their faith. 


One Thing At A Time

A follow up to her best-selling how-to book 

Whatever Works for You, A Working Woman’s Guide to Surviving a Busy Life While Maintaining Peace, McVay-McKinney tells a new kind of story in One Thing At A Time. Told through the eyes of a long-time companion, she shares Carolee’s harrowing journey, maintaining humor and joy through the worst of times, coming out on the other side

with lessons learned by living a life full of joy, no matter

the circumstances.


Carolee was from a long ago time, but her story is as current now as it was then. She lived a strange, yet ordinary life, which fell apart in one brief moment. Through her "God-whispers," Carolee learned that life can become more joyful than ever imaginable if you simply listen, trust, and wait. Six weeks after publication, One Thing at a Time ranked on

#268,907 in Books 
#546 in Medical Fiction (Books)
#6,521 in Family Life Fiction (Books)

#9,398 in Religious Literature & Fiction

(Amazon lists 32 million books for sale)


Kind Words

“Your book so much reflects your personality – upbeat and yet so realistic. It was a pleasure to read it. Many thanks.”

Dr. Esther Rehmus, Cleveland Clinic

“It is a lovely book with a lovely message. I admire how you live your faith, setting a good example for all of us
to love each other more.”  Amanda Surbey, Freelance Writer
“It's an uplifting story with a positive message of hope.  There were points along the way where I felt sadness,
and anger, and joy.  It’s an inspiring story to be told.” Tony Doss, Duke Energy
“Phenomenal!” John F. Williams, 10 Wilmington Place Retirement Community
“You have made me revisit my faith. It’s a story of hope and inspiration for us all.” 

Janet Lucktenberg - Cordova, State of Ohio
“I love it. What a great book.” Jeannine Marks, Stewart’s Caring Place Cancer Wellness Center

“Wow! I will recommend your book to everyone, an absolutely beautiful story! The messages can only help
others. This world is so blessed to have you in it!” Lori Pavlik, American Power Service Company

“An easy read in a short time that carries a big wallop!” Lou-Ann Redmon, The GriefCare Place

“Your book touched me deeply.  Your faith is so deep and your heart is so soft.  This book is a keeper.”

Pastor Mark Ford, One.Church

“Another inspiring story. Carolee is fortunate to have found you to tell it. Congratulations!”

Joy Thomas Moore, Peabody Award Winner

"I just finished the book! I LOVED it! It was inspiring, thought provoking and so beautifully done! I loved the Bible references and book recommendations as well! It gave me a new perspective of finding joy in all things! It is one of the most wonderful gifts!"

Rhonda Rawlings, Award Winning Journalist, Radio Host, Uplift Upstate Creator


Whatever Works for You: A Working Woman’s Guide to Surviving a Busy Life While Maintaining Peace

This semi-autobiographical view into the author’s busy life offers guidance as a working woman who seeks balance while accomplishing everything on her to-do list while maintaining

a career, home, and family. Filled with organizational tips

and advice - and dotted with humor and history - this entertaining how-to resource reveals that living

a successful, balanced life is simpler than people realize.


Planning a vacation, managing the holiday season, accomplishing weekly chores, and sorting the paper piles

are explained in easy to follow steps, along with checklists

and planning pages, to gain an organized, stress-free life.


In Whatever Works for You, McVay-McKinney encourages readers to find personal time, gain a renewed sense of value,

and depend more upon faith to achieve a balanced,

peaceful life.

Kind Words

"Whether simple or elaborate, there's a unique way for each of us to find order, while enjoying life. In 'Whatever Works for You'

it’s the underlying message." 

Akron Life

(The Akron Life Best of the City 2013 Issue, McVay-McKinney was named "Best Author" and "Best Entrepreneur” by reader's votes.)


“For Deborah McVay-McKinney, organization isn't all about sock drawers and spreadsheets. It's more about finding peace. The (author) believes the goal of organization should be finding balance in life, so there's time for work, family activities and other obligations — and even fun. But that's not something that happens just from making lists and color-coding calendars. It also

requires belief in a higher power. McVay-McKinney is sharing her faith-based organizing strategy in Whatever Works for You.”

The Beacon Journal

“Your book is wonderful! I knew it would be helpful, but can’t believe how entertaining it is – it was a struggle to put it down.

Got some great tips – much appreciation to you!”

Cathy Leuenberger, Community Philanthropist, Bath, Ohio

"Whatever Works for You should be a must-have for all parents of young kids." 

Melanie Horning, Fairlawn Village Preschool Teacher's Aide, Fairlawn, Ohio

“Debbie’s book was wonderful! Easy read and so inspiring! What I loved besides all the great tips and the importance of doing everything with faith in mind were the examples of three women, three different generations and three different ways of being.

There is no cookie cutter formula. We must be ourselves to our core!"

Crystal Sabol, Akron/Summit Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Akron, Ohio

“What a wonderfully helpful book!  Whatever Works for You is so on-target

in helping me focus. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and get caught up in not having enough time to get my work done. Your book is a great reminder that

‘Yes I Do,’ as long as I’m organized and intentional. Thanks again for this gem.” 

Joy Thomas Moore, President/CEO,

JWS Media Consulting; Peabody Award winner; mother of author & Maryland Governor candidate Wes Moore